Super Substance Stoneridge Merlot


This wine is like your favorite blanket, it's so silky smooth it just wraps around you like a hug. I think Merlot is a forgotten love child, and Washington is producing some of the best Merlot around. 

Wines of Substance a secondary label of the rockstar that is Charles Smith is all about single variety, single vineyard wines. The "ME" is from Columbia Valley and of course 100% Merlot. 

The nose is delicious with plums & currants, and the body is very 'meaty'. The silky smoothness of this wine is complimented by a smoky quality. 

I would pair this wine this fall with a classic beef & mushroom stew while sitting by the fireplace or even my Vegetarian French Dip

Drink this wine now or let it age for 10-12 years. 

To get this wine stop in at Jet City Wines in Seattle, Walla Walla or get online $45.00.