Wine & Pizza

For many of us, wine and pizza is a match made in heaven. A good wine can make even a frozen pizza glorious, while an amazing pizza can elevate a cheap bottle to utterly delicious.  On a recent trip to SODO I found one of Seattle’s best-kept secrets: Nine Pies Pizzeria.  As sibling to the wine label Nine Hats Wines, Nine Pies Pizzeria offers great wine and amazing pizza all in one place! 

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A few months ago, some friends and I were invited to try out Nine Pies Pizzeria. I knew the Pizzeria is open seven days a week but didn’t realize that the wine tasting room is only open Thursday thru Sunday. Not to worry - the restaurant staff will serve you tastings of Nine Hats Wines to find you a perfect glass, even when the tasting room is not open.  

Our server guided us through a few tastings and we landed on the 2016 Red Wine – the first wine Nine Hats produced.  The 2016 Red Wine is a Columbia Valley blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 25% Syrah.  This wine delights with intense flavors of dark cherries and currants with oak and dark chocolate. A sturdy yet refined blend, with a long enjoyable finish. Now for the best part - this wine is only $20.00! 

The pizzas were equally as delicious as the wine, and generously portioned too! We ordered two large to share and took home enough for breakfast and lunch for all four of us the next day too!  Our favorite was the GRAN TURISMO, topped with sausage, soppressata, salami, mushrooms, black olives, mozzarella, and tomato sauce, which paired delightfully with the full-bodied Red wine.  On a less hedonist day we could have ordered one bottle of wine and a pizza for around 50 bucks and the four of us would have been perfectly satisfied.


4 Happy People!

Even dessert was incredible! 

Long Shadows Vintners launched Nine Hats in 2007 as a secondary label. Long Shadows’ team of nine internationally renowned vintners gave way to the name. The Red Wine, which I have described, was where it all started. This Red Wine came from the barrels that weren’t used for the signature wines. With huge success they quickly added more wines to the line up. As they say Nine Hats has come out of the ‘shadows’ now with a great sophisticated but affordable lineup for everyday enjoyment. 

I visited Long Shadows in August, more on that soon.

I visited Long Shadows in August, more on that soon.

Visit both Nine Hats Wines and Nine Pies Pizzeria in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.