Drum Roll Please…

At the recent Neighbors Night Out gathering at FrogLegs Culinary Academy in University Village we were introduced to Drum Roll Wines. Heralding that “first glass of wine” anticipation….. drum roll please! 


Drum Roll owner Matt Frazier was on hand at FrogLegs to pour two of his wines for those of us in attendance. This is only the second vintage of Drum Roll Wines, but Matt’s excitement and love of wine is infectious. Drum Roll Wines was born from a curveball in Matt’s life. After being let go from his job, he decided to attend the Northwest Wine Academy. 



On a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago, Matt realized that wine is like art: subtle, complex, and beautiful. This was the genesis of his mixing famous paintings with wine – two beautiful pieces of art that everyone experiences differently. Even though the wine is named Drum Roll, the art connection is strong. Wine and art are represented in names such as Pinot Renoir, Chardonnay Monet, Cabernet Manet, and Seurat Syrah. Each wine has one of these artists’ works on the label. 


The 2016 vintage of Drum Roll was small – only 500 cases. This first vintage was comprised of impressionist art label wines. Matt recognized that he needed a line to honor his musical background and correspond with the Drum Roll name. Now on the second vintage, he’s up to 800 cases and wines include the “Drum Roll Red” and “Drum Roll White. 


At FrogLegs, Matt poured the Drum Roll White and I was surprised to hear that the blend is 72% Sauvignon Blanc and 28% Riesling. This may be one of the only such blends, and it is delightful. Aged in 100% Stainless steel, this wine sees no oak, and is delightfully tropical with a hint of grass.  As the label says “Anticipate Every Beat, Anticipate Every Glass.”



Knowing that I would share my experience and thoughts about his wines with all of you, Matt gave me one bottle each of the current line up.  I have not tried them all yet, but I can tell you that they are all solid every day wines. The Seurat Syrah was a nice, moderately oaked deep red wine. Bursting with blueberry and plum, this wine will pair well with many foods, think barbecue or that Sunday roast! 


At this point, you should be asking where you can find these wines. Well, Matt is a “Winery on the move”; he has no winery and no tasting room.  Between the cost of real estate and tasting room staff, Matt has chosen to go the way of the “Pop up”.  But no worries!  Some of the wines are available at our local PCC Market! You can find Drum Roll wines at many Seattle area wine events. For another option, head to the website and order a case; Matt will deliver it to you in person!