DeLille Cellars 2016 Chaleur Blanc

2016 Chaleur Blanc

Well HELLO Spring! This wine just makes me want the weather to change and have warm afternoons on the patio! Chaleur Blanc is an expressive wine with grapefruit, apples and pear on the nose. But don't be fooled the second waft you get earthiness like as they say hay and wet stones.

The palate is a bit tropical but a bit not. I get kinda a mango pineapple flavor but also some lemon. Once that first fruit flavor fades you get a caramel and light vanilla essence. 

The acidity makes this wine crisp which is perfect for a patio wine, but the fruit gives a lingering finish which gives a harmonious balance. 

The grapes come from Columbia Valley and it's a blend of 68% Sauvignon Blanc 32% Semillon.

If you have not visited DeLille Cellars go out to Woodinville and give them a taste! They are on the higher end price point, this 2016 Chaleur Blanc is $38, the 2015 is on sale for Taste Washington Wine Month at $34.20.

I would say this wine is perfect as a starter and could carry into dinner with a nice Spring Risotto, keep an eye out on for the recipe.